Hey there! Now is the perfect time to either get to know the music of Connor Christian and Southern Gothic or for fans like me, to immerse yourself into it more.  

Below is a playlist of their music that you should definitely listen to. I have listed down their songs according to the released albums. I sincerely hope that you enjoy yourself as much as I do. Here goes:  

Album: 90 Proof Lullabies (2008) 

Let Ya Slide 

Chipping Away 

Good Morning Sunshine 


It’s Alright 

Midnight Moon 

One Toke Over The Line 

Waiting for Princess 

Sunday Suit 

Meet My Angel 

New Hometown (2013) 

Bound for Glory 

Be Alright 

When I’m Gone 

Hotel Bar 

Watch Me Run 


South Texas Sun 

Stella Please 

Our Song 

Back in Dixie 

November Rain 

That Ol’ Jukebox 

16 Bars 

Sheets Down 

My Salvation 

Only Need You 

Album: Shuffle and Stomp  


When My Lover Comes 

Georgia Moonshine 

Fiddler on a Roofie 

Play with Fire 

Review of the music of Connor Christian and Southern Gothic 

CCSG is quite a talented band. Anyone who listens to them and to any of their songs can definitely deduce that. Their lyrics can oftentimes be cozy and poetic. They carry the experiences of the members of the band and relate well with their listeners. 

The very first time that I listened to CCGS, they definitely blew me away. Their lyrics carry that special sentiment that touched me to the core. Other people who listened to their songs have the same sentiment. The important thing to note is the fact that almost all of their songs reverberate with their listeners.  

An additional thing that makes the band special is their sound. Of course, this is due to a mixture of the band members’ talents in using different instruments such as the guitar, fiddle, piano and banjo.