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Jeff Spirko - Guitar, Fiddle, Banjo, Piano, Mandolin, Vocals

My musical journey began in Syracuse, NY at the age of 3, when I began playing classical violin.  My Mom, a music teacher, and Dad, formerly in a band, were extremely supportive of my music, and that continues to this day.  I sang in choirs, played in orchestras, and took violin and piano lessons.  However, it wasn't until I went to college and I learned to play guitar, that it transferred into an intense passion. 

I attended Cornell University where I played Lacrosse, and also began building a great following playing at bars around Ithaca, NY.  My athletic career was cut short due to a few knee injuries, and I knew that I was meant to follow music wherever it would take me.  After graduation, I packed up my van and moved down to Atlanta, GA, on the recommendation of a few people.  I knew no one.  That was scary, but somehow I knew it was the right move.  I went to open mics, showed up with my violin everywhere I could, and played with anyone I could.  After years of playing in a few different bands, and playing countless solo gigs, I met Connor Christian and the rest of the band.  We instantly had a chemistry, and I knew this could be something great. 

It is... and it keeps getting better.  Thank you for supporting us on our journey. We hope there are years and years ahead of us for CCSG!         

~ Spirko    

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