About This Website

Hello to all of you! My name is Sophia and I am a long-time fan of Connor Christian and Southern Gothic Band. I am happy to welcome you all to this website which is a haven for all fans of CCSG.

I hope that you enjoy looking through this website and checking out the music of CCSG. At the same time, I am happy to point you to our News tab where you can access all the latest information about the CCSG.

For those who are not that much familiar with the band, I am providing below some relevant information about the different members of the CCSG:

Connor Christian

Connor is of course the lead of the CCSG. He was the one who established the band and influences much of its music. Connor is an American but he has lived in various countries such as Indonesia, Belgium and South Korea. He has also done a lot of travelling within the United States, Africa and South America. All of these have influenced his music.

Shawn Thacker

Shawn is the drummer of CCSG. He is strongly influenced by his background from the South and by being around guitars, fiddles, banjos and the like all of his life. This he brings to the music being produced by the CCSG.

Joe Abramson

Joe is the bass player of the CCSG. He comes from Washington, DC and is very much influenced by what he calls as loud guitars during his growing up years.

Elena Martin

A strong member of the band is Elena who came from Siberia. She is a violinist and later became a fiddler, adding a different kind of energy and tune to the band.

Jeff Spirko

In 2010, Jeff joined the CCSG. He plays various instruments such as the banjo, fiddle and piano, adding a different rhythm to the team.